The day was wet, windy and we had water coming in and out the boat from each side. The opening bell at 8:30 was obvious as you hear thousand's of horse power screaming down the channels in search of the weed line that goes from 4.5.6 and then "boom"11 foot drop. We first hammered the waters with high speed trolling for 15-20km's of the long stretch of Pigeon that looked endless in each way hoping we can tag a good insurance fish before noon. That wasn't the case for us as we continuously trolled and then went back to casting, trolled/casting, trolled/casting and some more and then some more. After 7.75 hours of hard work we still had not seen a single fish. Shortly after (4:20pm) the grey clouds turn black and it started to pour like the great monsoon. We felt helpless knowing the last 40 minutes of tournament was completed by a down pour. At 4:45pm the rain had cleared and we decided to troll on weed line/ flat that we had marked on our map that is just proud from Green Acres resort bay hoping we will have an excuse to go to the awards presentation. We desperately zig-zagged across the flats praying for that one hit before 5PM as the big muskie boats of the Wiley Brothers' and other American's were coming in to register. As 4:55pm rolls around, I turned the boat to do my third lap around Green Acres Bay knowing it would be my last stretch, and then all of a sudden.......Wham..!!!#$%..yes...&*?????, I fight this monster as the boats coming through had stopped to watch this opportunity of ours succeed having the exception of Mr. Dale Wiley and MR. Young scream out "that's a fifty , that's the winner". At last the muskie rolls into the cradle as my intense face turned into that kid's Christmas morning grin. The rest of this story is left proud with one remark, "just one inch and bit short ", 48.5 inches that isn't bad....what a day!!>

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July 15,2003

14th annual Green Acres Muskie Tournament