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This page is maintained by Heath Freel and Rommel Misa. Both of us are are avid muskie fishermen. We registered this domain to show some pictures and help educate proper "Catch and Release".

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We started taking a lot more videos the last two years and every once and a while we get them on tape.


SEPT 2006 - We had a boat full of kids and were fishing for some perch and bass. I brought along just one of my Muskie rods just in case I got bored with the pan fishing.

We were only in 6 feet of water, really close to shore and I tossed out my spinner bait away from shore. It was probably on my 8th cast that it hit.

At first I though it was a Bass, but then I saw the swirl and felt the big head shake. The kids were truly amazed and you can tell by the audio in the footage we got.



2004 - Here is a short but cool video clip of my brother Mark a few years ago. Rolland used his still camera to get this really good footage.



OCT 2006 - Great timing - I am pulling into this spot just as Rommel hits the "almost 50"er.



We sure do have a lot of pictures and some of the pages will still be in the old format, and maybe a little slow to load.....I'll get there.


The French River CANAM is held every year in the Sept/Oct time frame.

4 Americans and 4 Canadians fish hard all week. The team with the largest Muskie at the end of the week takes home the Trophy and gets the bragging rights.


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